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About us

About us

Along one of the most iconic streets of the vibrant and bustling city of Manila lies Malate Pensionne - a historic residence refurbished as a quaint home away from home for travelers and globetrotters.

It all started when Mama Rosie, the visionary lady ahead of her time, founded the first pension house in the Philippines, as a showcase of Filipino cultural warmth and hospitality. Unlike most of her contemporaries, Mama Rosie shaped her own path. She pursued a degree in business when most Filipinas are preparing to be married.  

‘Pensionne’ is the Italian word for ‘inn’. The idea for the inn came to her during her trip to Italy and found out that it was a good business.

While Malate Pensionne, considered a cultural gem, has been a witness to a very rich history, it remains to be an icon, a haven that will allow you to experience the authenticity and timeless charm of Manila. A home that upholds Filipino values, service, virtue, decency, integrity and morality.

To this day, Mama Rosie and her children oversee the management of the company. Malate Pensionne is about family. And for Filipinos, family is not just about the tight knit bond among blood-related individuals, it includes everyone. Our employees, our guests, our business partners and our community. After all, Filipino hospitality means making you a part of their Filipino family. 

 Welcome to our home and into our growing family, tuloy  po kayo!